Keep the Conversation Moving Forward

Everyone has been there. You are talking to a customer, fellow employee, or colleague at a partner organization. But then the conversation gets interrupted—your coworker has another meeting to run to or the customer’s cell phone rings—and you have trouble picking up the pieces when you’re finally all back on the phone two hours later. The customer gets frustrated. Your productivity declines. The business loses value.

What if….?

Although you begin interacting with a customer or colleague by texting on a mobile phone while walking to the garage, you use “nomadic mode” to select your preferred device and seamlessly switch to a voice conversation while driving. After getting to the office, it’s simple to switch the conversation over to a smart desk phone / tablet to escalate the customer request and add subject matter experts to the call. At the request of a supervisor, you use a “presence awareness” function to determine if participants in the conversation have video capabilities so she can demo the latest product features using a visual media. When a subject matter expert wants to illustrate a key point, the conversation gets switched to an interactive white board so he can draw diagrams. Even if the conversation gets interrupted, all the original participants in it—as well as any new members— don’t lose any ground because everything has been recorded and saved, and can be easily reviewed and shared before the conversation reconvenes.


The conversation continues without interruption with seamless connection across multiple devices. Employee productivity increases, because the context of the conversation never gets lost. The business keeps costs minimized, because downtime is reduced.  And since issues are resolved much more swiftly and effectively, customer satisfaction increases.

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