Streamline Hiring

Your boss needs an expert consultant to help with a rush project. Even if you had the time to work with a headhunter to schedule on-premise interviews—which you don’t—candidates with the relevant experience and expertise are located all over the country, and are unlikely to be able to drop everything to fly to your offices. Compounding these difficulties is the fact that all members of the team need to work closely with whoever is hired, yet they are so tightly booked that it is nearly impossible to get their schedules aligned to vet and discuss candidates in real time.

What if….?

Team members reach out to their LinkedIn networks to get the word out to potential candidates. After sharing profiles of interested LinkedIn members among the team, you use email / calendar integration to schedule initial live online video appointments with the most promising candidates. you send recording of the preliminary interviews to the team, and, based upon their recommendations, invite HR to participate in a follow-up interview with the top candidate the next day. You set up a four-way video conference call between yourself, HR, your boss, and the candidate—and send the original video plus the team’s notes to the HR manager so he is completely up to speed by the time the interview takes place. All this is “fluent” across time and situations—and yet does not require a costly or complex telepresence solution to be installed on premises.


Without requiring Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) or dedicated videoconferencing rooms, businesses can perform high-quality multiparty videoconferencing in “switch-ing” mode. By integrating videoconferencing with email and calendars as well as social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, businesses can get access to the talent they need quickly and effectively while minimizing costs.

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