Accommodate Guests in Smart Meeting Rooms

Your four-star hotel has increasing requests for comfortable meeting rooms that are equipped for videoconferencing allowing remote attendees to participate in conferences. These features are not only costly to provide, they are difficult for your meeting organizer clients to manage, as different controls are required for video, audio, videoconferencing, Internet access, temperature control, lighting, and other devices.

What if….?

By outfitting meeting rooms with integrated advanced unified communication solutions, you provide
meeting organizers with smart desk phones to use as “universal” remote controls of rooms’ presentation and communications capabilities. This can include everything from audio, to video, to video conferencing and IP TV. Environmental functions such as clocks, televisions, air conditioning, curtains, and lighting can also be controlled in this way. The smart desk phone can also be used to communicate with your hotel’s catering department, with maintenance, and with other members of your hotel’s staff. Rather than forcing meeting organizations to figure out how to manage all the various tools and equipment, you provide them with a single and intuitive interface that works across all devices.


Hoteliers have a much more cost-effective way to outfit meeting rooms while simultaneously providing features and conveniences that will attract more corporate events to their facilities.

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