Create Ad Hoc Teams To Resolve An Issue

Improving first-call resolution rates is a top priority at your customer service organization. To achieve this, your customer service representatives need to be able to quickly escalate more difficult queries and transfer them to the right experts while still on the first call. These experts then need to get up to speed on customer issues very quickly without forcing customers to repeat basic information such as their names, addresses, and order numbers when calls are transferred.

What if….?

You’re on a call with a customer unhappy about a product. Because of the complex nature of the question, you need help from an expert in that particular department. You search through a community of knowledge workers to find one with the right skills, and send her rich contextual information about your interaction with the customer that includes screen shots, text notes on the conversation thus far, details of the customer’s purchases, and even video that documents the particular features the customer is having trouble with. All this information is displayed on the expert’s smart desk phone screen before she even gets involved in the interaction.


The customer’s issues get seamlessly escalated to an expert with the specific knowledge and skills required to solve them. Not only is the customer satisfied—leading to higher retention rates—but employee productivity and job satisfaction increases as well, reducing worker turnover and overall business operating costs.

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