Eliminate Distance With Visual Collaboration

Your architectural firm has been hired by an overseas retail client to design an urban commercial storefront. In addition to the brand’s own global standards that dictate the building’s general look and feel, unique environmental issues for this particular site mandate that you collaborate closely with the building contractor, the retailer, and local government agencies. Finally, you have to work closely with a large number of creative stakeholders located at multiple sites around the globe who need to sign off at major project milestones. Because the retailer is under pressure to complete this project on time and within budget—you are precluded from flying stakeholders to the site to collaborate in person.

What if….?

You shoot high-definition video from your visits  to the building site and integrate it into your IM and email conversations with the overseas client. As the project progresses, you continually add contextual elements such as schematics and drawings; photographs of materials you plan to use; documents describing environmental impact studies or tests; and fax communications you’ve had with regulatory bodies. As the project advances, this on-going conversation continues to be enriched and annotated as creative members of the team contribute according to their designated roles.


Collaboration accelerates the creative discussion without forcing stakeholders to travel to the building site, saving both time and money. Because of the strong visual element that the high-definition video brings to the conversation, you improve your ability to communicate your vision to the retailer client. At the same time, the client can use this rich, multifaceted, and complete record of the conversation to follow the project closely and ensure the final building will meet its needs as constructed.

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