Security & Environmental Monitoring

The power to read, hear, see, do and analyze


ICON’s hosted security and environmental monitoring platform, is an automated alerting system that provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools and broadcast communication in a single cloud based solution.

Sensors throughout your facility trigger alerts to your communication devices

Sensors exist to monitor just about anything in any environment generating real-time alerts if a system fails, environmental event occurs, a safety situation arises or a hazardous substance is detected. With alerts detailing the situation delivered to responders via their designated communication devices, potential threats to people, property, business operations and convenience/comfort can be investigated and hopefully fixed before a disaster occurs, inventories are lost, or people are inconvenienced.

Sensors at your facility send alerts to the cloud


Environmental and security monitoring for any part of your business

  • Hosted Environmental Monitoring – temperature, water, humidity, smoke, flame, glass break
  • Integration with environmental & security control systems already in place
  • Security Monitoring – doors, windows, closets, storage areas, cash transaction areas
  • Broadcast Notification – send quick messages to certain groups in your business or all employees


Pre-defined, on-demand and segmented notifications

It’s also possible – and important – to set up alerts to differentiate between different types of emergencies. For example, one alarm could signal a fire, immediately alerting people to evacuate, while another alarm could indicate a tornado, allowing people time to get to a designated safe room. Both alerts can be set up, not just to activate sirens and strobe lights, but also send out appropriate instructions to your communication devices. After the danger passes, everyone would be notified again with all-clear messages.

  • Send alerts to mobile devices, two-way radios, paging systems, wallboards and desktops
  • Phone system integration
  • Prioritize alerts based on severity


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Markets served

But really, any organization in any industry will benefit from harnessing its critical data and making sure it reaches the people who need it without delay. Then they can do what needs to be done to save lives, protect property and business continuity and prevent loss of convenience or comfort.