Real-Time Collaborative Conversations

Location is not important!

Standard issue devices are not required!

With OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud businesses are enabled for real time visual collaboration and file sharing from the desktop PC, video-enabled telephone, tablet or smartphone. Sync up for a meeting using the calendar. Turn an impromptu chat into a video conversation with document sharing. Quickly set up a multiple party conference call without a single tap of a touchscreen.

Access Your Contacts in a Single Click from Tablet, Smart Phone, Deskphone or PC.



Collaborative conversations that are natively multi-party, multi-device and multi-media.

Start chatting using OpenTouch chat. Move the conversation to a voice call, then add video. Finally, share a document and invite others into the collaborative conversation. All this can be done from the device that is most convienient based on the time and place, deskphone, smartphone or tablet.

  • Software-based multi-party, multi-device, multi-media business communications solution
  • Collaborate from any device, any location and any browser
  • Drag and drop a “favorite” into the conversation window to start a call or add someone to a conference
  • Easy online document sharing


Supports a full feature set including

  • Meet-me conferencing
  • Ad hoc conferences
  • Scheduled events
  • Visual contact lists with rich presence
  • Click-to-conference
  • Instant Messaging (IM) chat
  • Application and desktop sharing
  • Document management
  • Audio recording
  • IM archiving


OpenTouch UC Brochure
Enhanced UC Whitepaper
OpenTouch iPad App Demo