Access Messages Across Devices

Access and respond to your messages from the devices you depend on — desk phone, smart phone, PC and tablet.

Messaging Handoffs


Access Messages from your Desk Phone

On most Alcatel-Lucent telephone models, OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud users can navigate the voice messaging system using the interactive display.


  • Message waiting indication is provided on the Alcatel-Lucent IPTouch phone.
  • Use the interactive display to drill down and see more information about the call.
  • Return the call with a press of a button
  • Start an IM or text mail chat using the optional QWERTY keyboard.


Access Messages from your Mobile Phone

Open Touch Enterprise Cloud  provides message access from your Apple iPhone, Android phone and Windows Mobile phone.

myIC-gmail-cropped2 Receive voice messages as wav file attachments accessible from your smartphone mail app such as Google Gmail.Use your smartphone app to respond as you would with any other message:

  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Callback


 MyICMobile-VisualVMAndroid For more advanced messaging, MyIC Mobile provides visual voice mail with callback capabilityRely on MyIC Mobile to:

  • Receive new message notification
  • Single press to play messages
  • Easily return calls or respond by IM or SMS



Access Messages from your PC or Tablet

2.1.1 Messaging - VM in Email


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