My Instant Communicator PC Client

Open Touch My Instant Communicator is multi-media, multi-session, multi-device client software that provides access to communications and collaboration features from smartphones and PCs. My Instant Communicator is available as an option with both Conversation and Connection user profiles.

  • View a list of missed calls and voice mails.
  • Play voice mails from your PC.
  • Call back using click to dial.
  • Forward messages to colleagues.
 MyIC User - Routing Profile  

  • Select your active call routing profile 
  • Choose where your calls will ring
  • Route calls to voice mail or coworker
  • Select the device to use for click-to-dial from the PC


   Click to dial to reach contacts and colleagues
  Call In progress


 MyIC User - ChatVoiceVideo Chat, make a voice call and make a video call.See the current status of your contacts

  • Idle
  • On Call
  • Logged Out
  • Working from Remote Location


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