Conversation Features

ICON Cloud is the most flexible, feature-rich hosted voice service available. Designed with the architectural flexibility to deploy as a fully hosted service, as a traditional customer-premises system or any combination in between, ICON Cloud also provides hundreds of voice features that address even the most stringent and unique use case requirements. Listed below is a small sample of available ICON Cloud features.

Communication Capabilities
Client/Server application
Online Help
Business position
Contact Center position
Hospitality / guest position
Integrated Voice over IP client
Integrated Video  client
Basic Services
Make a Communication
Video P2P*
by using the internal extension dialing plans
from the business communication history
from any entry within the multimedia conversation wall*
from the business missed calls/callback requests history
from the business voice messages history
when receiving an Instant Message
when receiving a “contact signs in” notification
personal communication while in business mode
from the device’s local call history
from the device’s local contacts list
Communication presentation
Identification presentation: CLIP / COLP
Incoming communication without identification presentation
Outgoing communication without identification presentation
CLIR / COLR management
Accept a communication
Unattended call transfer
Attended call transfer
Transfer a call to a per-defined number
Click to call
Click to answer
Auto answer / Inter-phony
Call Completion on Busy
Call Completion  on No Reply
Callback request notification
Ignore Call
Com Hold / Resume
Music On Hold
Inquiry com (make a 2nd com)
Add Participant (to a conversation)
Broker Call
Conference (local 3 parties)
Park a call
Pick-up a parked call
Intrusion when user busy
DTMF in transparency
Private Communication
Loudspeaker announcement
Programming Key management
Favorites / Buddy list
Multi-device: synchronization of Favorites / Buddy list*
Level of services between both Connection and Conversation users
Voice communication
Video communication
Call waiting indication
Calling Line Presentation / Restriction
Connected Line Presentation / Restriction
Do Not Disturb
Call Forwarding with redirect cause
Hold / Retrieve
Music On Hold
Ad-hoc audio conference
Attended Transfer
Unattended Transfer
Display of redirect/ forwarding/ transfer user name and/or number
Call Completion on Busy Subscriber
CCBS with public/ external subscriber
Callback requests
Attendant Services
Attendant call from user
Back to Attendant on no reply
Forward towards Attendant
Override on DND
User Supervision
User reservation
Homogeneous Call Admission Control between both Standard and OT users
Advanced / Contextual Communication
Media blending
Multimedia session handling
Audio + Instant Messaging
Audio + Video
Audio + Video + Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging
Multiple session appearances
Invoke switch device during active communications*
Be involved in switch device during active communications*
Directory lookup and contact identification card
By name
By skill or department
By email
Floating deskbar
Predictive search
Contact identification card
.. Name, company, job title
.. Contact picture
.. User presence
.. Phone presence
.. Place a call to the business phone number
.. Send an Instant Message (IM)
.. Send an email
.. Send a SMS
.. Leave a voice message
.. Add the contact to the personal contacts list
Look up directory numbers and place business calls
Business Communication history
Conversation log
Information about the com (hour/date, call duration) and the correspondent
Visual indicator
Add the contact to the personal contacts list
Direct visual access to the correspondent (including presence)
Delete one item, delete all items
Access to the contact identification card
Audio communication recording
Visual notification of recording message
Consultation of recording message
Forward of recording message
Manager / Assistant
Filtering rule of manager incoming calls
Pickup Communication
Direct Instant Messaging Exchanges, already in communication or not
Filtering rule management from both manager and assistant
White  list management from the manager
Discret listening
Dynamic Virtual Assistant*
Called: Visual Divert communication from dedicated Application*
Caller: Interactive Voice Access to the Virtual Assistant (notification, VM divert)*
Notification from caller to called *
Groupware services
MultiLine Communication Appearance
Supervision / pickup
Group management from Admin
Logout/login of a group from the user*
User can be supervisor and/or supervised
Supervision,  notification and pickup with dynamic supervised telephony state*
Visual and acoustic (beep) notification
Routing Services
On busy or no response
Call forwarding
Immediate forward
Forward incoming calls to pre-defined professional/personal phone numbers
Forward incoming calls to the voicemail
Forward incoming calls to a phone number
Cancel call forwarding or change routing
Do Not Disturb
Night Forward
Multi-device Routing
OpenTouch User centric routing based
OpenTouch User Multi Device Routing management from
Predefined multi-device routing profile*
Customization of multi-device routing profile*
Specify/Modify a non-predefined phone number as a destination route*
Instant Messaging (IM)
Buddy list and IM capabilities
Group chat
Multiple chat conversations
Clear the contents of the conversation
Copy the contents of the conversation
Close the conversation
Mark an IM as opened or unopened
New instant messages
List of read and unread messages
Information about the message (hour/date, message) and the correspondent
Access to the contact identification card
Display contact information
Call the correspondent
Open a conversation
Close and end a conversation
Suppress a conversation
Send an email to the correspondent
Answer with an IM when receiving a voice/video communication
Send an IM while in communication
Send an IM while listening to a voice message
Audio/video peer to peer from IM session
Answer with a predefined message when receiving an IM
Lookup directory numbers and send an IM
Send an IM when a contact signs in
Reject an IM
Read the message later
Buddy list groups for easy point and click to initiate group conference
Buddy list : can contain OpenTouch users or any speed dial phone number
Favorites can host both OT users and external contacts
Audio/video peer to peer or conferencing Communication from buddy list / Favorites
Anonymous accesses
IM archiving via SMTP
Offline IM support
Missed messages indicator
Pre-defined instant message when answering with an IM
Display a pop-up message when receiving an Instant Message
Personal options
Create a custom display name
Select text language
Select IM status
Choose privacy and visibility options (IM)
Manage blocked contacts
Manage IM preferences
Enable/disable IM pops during conversations/conferences
Rich Presence
User presence
Control of presence information shown to OT users
User-choice presence status
User-configurable away presence
Phone presence
Native Presence status
during communication
during communication by name
during a conference
via Visual Voice Mail consultation
between Manager and Assistant
in conversation history/conversation wall
with contact
Unified Messaging
Conferencing / Collaboration
Ad-hoc conferencing
N-party (N > 3) audio / video / IM ad-hoc conferencing
From call-by-name search
From buddy list or contact list or communication logs
Visual  video capabilities
Voice-activated video switching
Continuous presence (video mixing)
Video quality profiles
End a N-party audio / video conference
Withdrawal from an audio / video conference (even for the conference initiator)
View all conferencing participants
Mute/ unmute a participant from a N-party audio / video conference
Start an audio / video conference with your correspondents while in an IM session
Add / drop participant w/o on hold all participants
Outgoing consultative com w/o on hold all participants
Scheduled conferencing
N party audio/video/ data sharing Scheduled conferencing
One, daily weekly, monthly conference
Video switching ; voice activation
Continuous presence (show multiple video images at the same time)
Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) compliance
Visual  video capabilities
Voice-activated video switching
Multiple video display modes
Camera control. Audio/video tuning wizard*
Video profiles
Video quality profiles
Public conferences
Anonymous audio/video – support for external users in a audio/video conference
Display list active conferences
Leader required or leaderless (participants)
Automatic or assigned access codes to join the conference
Password, audio conference specific, end user selected
Password, Web conference specific, end user selected
Per person call control (hold, mute, drop)
Mute/Unmute all participants
Add/drop participants via IM or DTMF phone
Roll call and/or view number of conference participants
Conference locking
Conference recording and replay
Automatic delete of recordings after 6 months
Ability to add non-user participants (external or internal)
Invitations automatically sent via email or calendar (Outlook or Lotus Notes)
Lecture mode (all participants automatically joined muted);  ideal for Webinars
Leader required or not required options
Conference entry/exit tones
Roll call (record and announce callers’ names)
Enable automatic conference recording
Port reservation
Conference about to end
Auto extension
Group list management  (via budding list) to initiate conference to a group quickly
Visual feedback on active speaker
Confirm call backs with DTMF keypress
Dial out during conference with IVR prompt (avoid voice mail box interruption)
Participant privacy
Call conference owner and/or a list of numbers
Polling or voting
Raise hand
RSS feed support
What’s new and system notifications
Recordings email notification
Continuous chat
Recording download in .wav
Set dial-back number during a conversation or session
Hide inactive participant
Password management
Password Length
Password policy
Password duration
Data collaboration
Web presentations: concurrent voice & data calls
Synchronized Audio/Web presentation recording
Annotation & whiteboarding
Application sharing
Full Screen application or desktop sharing
Desktop or single window sharing
Document management (file attachments)
Data sharing features
Password protection on documents
Grant and retain control
Session IM/chat display sorting (sort list of participants by audio only, web only, etc.)
Remove participant from data session
Free Seating
Desk sharing**
SIP Survivability Services
Make call
Receive Call
Reject Call
Call transfer
Call hold / resume
Inquiry call
Broker call
Call forward
3 party conference
Redial from Call Log
DTMF (SIP INFO, RFC 2833, In Band)
Local Call Log
Contacts management
Directory Access
Brazilian Portuguese
French Canadian
French French
German for Austria

Important: Feature availability in ICON Cloud depends on basic or specific software licenses in addition to basic system hardware and resources. This page lists the available features but does not provide detailed licensing information, restrictions and limitations.


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