Microsoft Outlook Integration

ICON Cloud is the most flexible, feature-rich hosted voice service available. Designed with the architectural flexibility to deploy as a fully hosted service, as a traditional customer-premises system or any combination in between, ICON Cloud also provides hundreds of voice features that address even the most stringent and unique use case requirements. Listed below is a small sample of available ICON Cloud features.

Telephony, Messaging and One Number services for Microsoft Outlook
OpenTouch simplified Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007
ICS full Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010**
Client/Server application
Authentication with username/password and automatic sign in
On-line help
Standard MSI software package to prepare reliable, tested conflict-free deployment
Common services
Directory lookup
Telephony services
Call by number
Call by name
Place calls from:
– Directory look up web page
– Personal or Public Exchange folders
– Call history
Call the sender of an email
Add a business or private code when making a call
Redial list (number or name)
Take an incoming call
Clear an active call
Make a conference with 2 other parties
Transfer the call to another party
IP telephony
Call history
Detailed information about the call and the correspondent
Visual indicator of all answered/unanswered incoming and outgoing calls
Delete one or several items, delete all items
Pop-up information on incoming call
Manual contact pop-up on incoming call
Automatic personal contact creation on incoming call
Shortcut to the Web Softphone client
Messaging services
Unified message store based on email server
One Inbox for emails, faxes and voice mails
Feature-rich messaging functions with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010
(no Alcatel-Lucent plug-in installed on the email server)
Feature-rich messaging functions via an Alcatel-Lucent plug-in installed on Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007
(deprecated from R6.1 on)
Use IMAP4 with Exchange 2003 or 2007 to access voice messages
Embedded voicemail store of OpenTouch
One Inbox for emails and faxes and one Inbox for voice mails
Accessing messages
Through folders
New messages
Saved (archived) messages
Per type of message (email, fax, voice mail)
Listen to voice mails (new and saved)
Play voice messages on the computer or over the phone
Voice mail controls
Rewind 10s
Forward 10s
Managing messages
Delete messages
Reply by a voice message
Call the sender of a voice mail
Call the sender on an email
Save messages
Forward messages
Message folding: any voice or fax message can be moved/copied to any personal or public folder
Read emails (with attachment)
Display/save an attachment
Read faxes
Recording voice messages
Addressing messages
To a single recipient
Add a recipient by name
Send an email
Reply to an email by an email
Forward an email by using an email
Forward a voice message by using an email
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on user’s desktop phone
Activate the MWI when a caller leaves a voice message
Deactivate the MWI when the subscriber listens to the voice message
Voicemail settings
Greeting selection
Fax number for the Print to Fax function
Announce only mode
Automatic message playback
24-hour clock
Confirm when deleting a message
Address messages by name
Activate the personal assistant

**= Office / Office Plus User Only.

Important: Feature availability in ICON Cloud depends on basic or specific software licenses in addition to basic system hardware and resources. This page lists the available features but does not provide detailed licensing information, restrictions and limitations.

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