OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB Features

OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB is the most flexible, feature-rich hosted voice service available for small business. Designed for easy installation, surefire operation and zero touch maintenance, OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB addresses even the most stringent and unique use case requirements.



Efficiently route calls to the best person or department.
Manage high-traffic call volume from desk phone or PC application
Take advantages of hundreds of telephony features to improve productivity and customer service
Features available from SIP devices or over SIP trunks.
Stay productive outside of the office by making your mobile phone a business communications device.
Personal greetings, voice mail message to email and more.
Features available from the Windows PC desktop and web browser.
Features available for call centers, agents and supervisors.
System and user administration features.

Important: Feature availability in OpenTouch Office Cloud depends on installed software licenses, system hardware and resources. This page lists the features available in OpenTouch but does not provide detailed licensing information, restrictions and limitations.