OpenTouch Office Cloud Messaging Features

OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB is the most flexible, feature-rich hosted voice service available for small business. Designed for easy installation, surefire operation and zero touch maintenance, OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB addresses even the most stringent and unique use case requirements.


> Welcome greeting messages

— Before call presentation

— During call presentation

— On busy 1

— Delayed for a specific interval

— Music on hold after pre-annoucement

— Recording on set

— Downloading of recorded file

Voice mail

Mailbox Mode

> Business mailbox

> Guest mailbox

> General mailbox

> Group mailbox

> Virtual mailbox

> Visual mailbox

> Voice mail in e-mail client

> Personal greeting

> Personalized greeting on busy state

> Multilingual voice guidance

> Answer only mode

> Answer and record mode

— 3 minutes recording time max

— 10 minutes  recording time max

Mailbox features

> Mailbox initialization

> Mailbox consultation

> Listen message

> Control of listening and recording

> Scroll messages

> CLI-based call back

> Copy a message with comment

> Erase a message

> Send message

> Dial by name

> Unconditional/ On busy / On no answer forward on voice mail

> Free dialing

> Out of Mailbox option (destination)

> Direct transfer to voice mail

> Notification call

> Distribution lists

> Personal assistant

> Conversation recording

> Message screening

> Silent mode

> Mixed mode

> Voice guidance mode

> External voice mail support


> PM5/OMC administration on PC

> Set administration

> Local and remote management

> Voice prompt local and remote management


Text Mail

> Invoked text forwarding call party

> Pre-programmed messages

— Partially programmed messages

— Fully programmable messages

> Text mini-messaging facilities (32 char.)


> Fax notification on subset

> Message waiting indication

> Voice guided notification on subsets

Unified Messaging

> Outlook integration

> Voice mail notification by e-mail

> Voice e-mailbox

— Date and time

— Message type (voice message or recorded conversation)

— Caller ID

— Duration of the voice item


Important: Feature availability in OpenTouch Office Cloud depends on basic or specific software licenses in addition to basic system hardware and resources. This page lists the features available in OpenTouch but does not provide detailed licensing information, restrictions and limitations.