OpenTouch Office Cloud Attendant Features

OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB is the most flexible, feature-rich hosted voice service available for small business. Designed for easy installation, surefire operation and zero touch maintenance, OpenTouch Office Cloud for SMB addresses even the most stringent and unique use case requirements.


Attendant Features

> Attendant group entry

> Automatic attendant overflow

> Call forwarding unconditional of the attendant group

> Call party having invoked text forwarding

— Attendant group forward status on OMC

> Dynamic routing for attendant group calls

> Key System mode

> Parallel call distribution (group superv.)

> PBX  Mode

> Pre-announcement up to 8

— Possibility to reloop messages

> Remote destination (closed number)

> Square system configuration

> Variable assignment by time ranges

Attendant Facilities

> Bundle reservation

> Business Account Code Management

> Charging counters printout

> Night greetings

> Outgoing call barring facilities :

— Bundle access control

— Barring by manual dialing

— Barring by common repertory

> System message file report indication

> To switch over by :

— Time ranges (7 daily ranges)

— Time ranges (weekly and bank holidays)

— by external switch

— by N/R mode key

— by remote control N/R

> Visitor registration

Automated Attendant

> Blind transfer

> Day menu

> Night menu

> Main menu : 10 choices

> Sub-menu : 10 choices

> Multilingual voice guidance

> Welcome service

> Information service

> Dial by name

> Voice prompts recording

— Downloading of recorded file

— Recording on set

> Company greeting remote customization – opening & closing hours


> Flexible hold tone configuration

> Music on hold : integrated 16 seconds

> Music on hold : customizable  maximum 10 minutes

> Music on hold : external source

Background Music

> On dedicated sets with loudspeaker

> On external loudspeaker

Multiple Company Welcome
> Up to 4 entities management
> 1 x 10 mn music on hold per entity
> Possibility to forbid inter-entity calls
> 200 DDI destinations
> 20 greeting messages

Important: Feature availability in OpenTouch Office Cloud depends on basic or specific software licenses in addition to basic system hardware and resources. This page lists the features available in OpenTouch but does not provide detailed licensing information, restrictions and limitations.