OTOC Call Center Office

All-In-One Solution Optimized for Small Business

Designed for small enterprises, Call Center Office is a simple, all-in-one solution that is designed to enhance customer relationship management and to grow with the company’s needs. The solution includes automatic call distribution (ACD), monitoring and statistics, and an agent assistant.

OTOC Call Center 1

Agent Assistant

This user-friendly PC assistant boosts staff productivity while increasing customer satisfaction

  • Free-Seating – The agent can work on any type of ACD workplace
  • Contact card screen pop-up
  • Call control
  • Real time statistics
  • Qualification of the calls

OTOC Call Center 2


Helps ensure your call center has the right resource level while maintaining high productivity.

  • Real time information with visual activity rates
  • Handled calls
  • Being routed
  • Dissuaded calls

OTOC CC Supervisor

Statistics Manager

  • Analyze call traffic and agent activity
    • Average busy time
    • Dissuaded calls
  • Anticipate incoming calls flow
  • Export statistics for customized call center reports


OTOC CC Statistics