ICON Signals Platform

ICON-Signals-Logo-with-bufferICON Signals is an advanced alert and event notification platform that integrates with various phone systems, sensor device protocols and other third-party monitoring and alarm systems. Developed by ICON, Signals can operate as a hosted “cloud” service or as a customer premises application. The open architecture of Signals makes it possible to integrate an advanced notification service within a customer’s current communications fabric.

Within ICON Signals there are three main components to the monitoring and alerting event architecture:

Signals Platform

Triggering Events

ICON Signals is configurable to monitor a wide variety of “triggering events” that include:

  • Environmental detection devices – Wired and wireless sensors that detect motion, changes in temperature, electrical current, water leaks, moisture and humidity.
  • Telephone System Events – E-911 calls, specific internal or external numbers dialed, specific telephones being used, programmable triggers such as panic buttons mapped to digital or IP telephone keys.
  • Third Party Systems Events. This category includes School Lock-Down Switches,  Alarm panel signals, video alerting and more.

The practical application of ICON Signals includes the following type of alert triggers:

  • An E911 call made from a phone system extension.
  • A campus lockdown event.
  • An alert event generated from a sensor such as a motion, moisture or temperature sensor.
  • An alert event generated from a dry contact closure.
  • An incoming call to a specific, monitored phone extension.
  • An outgoing call from a specific, monitored phone extension.

Rules Engine

Upon a triggering event the Signals software “Rules Engine” responds with one or more programmable actions or, “Alert Events.” These highly flexible alert events include but are not limited to,

  • Voice call
  • SMS Text
  • E-Mail
  • Social media message
  • Generate calls to Cloud Hosted or Premises PBX Systems
  • Integration to other building systems such as school strobes for lock-down

 Notification Engine

When an alerting event occurs the Notification Group defines how and to whom the alert event notification is distributed. An alerting event may be configured to activate multiple notification groups. ICON Signals is configured to respond to an alert trigger with one or more Alert Events and Notification Groups. For example,

  • Send information about the alert to one or more recipients via email, SMS, or automated voice call.
  • Send information via Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow to a mobile phone, PC or browser-based Rainbow client.
  • Broadcast an alert message to a paging group.
  • Turn on a strobe light
  • Alert message broadcasts to paging speakers
  • Handling acknowledgements to SMS messages or automated phone calls

ICON Signals Platform

ICON Signals software is designed and developed on a robust, reliable, proven core platform developed by ICON over many years. This platform – Enterprise Services – was originally developed to provide outside real time control of PBX systems and serve that data to other systems and applications. Signals runs on a Linux PC or Server. It can be installed on a dedicated server or run in a VM Ware virtual environment. ICON Signals can operate as a hosted service or as a premises-based system. Benefits of the ICON signals platform include:

  • Open platform that interfaces / integrates with maximum flexibility to devices and other platforms
  • Designed to integrate to communications systems through CSTA or proprietary event streams
  • Scalable and cost effective from very small to very large applications




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