ICONnect Business Phone Service

ICONnect helps make small businesses look big and improves call handling for companies of all sizes.  

What Is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

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Why ICONnect?

 ICONnect is engineered to grow and evolve with your business.

  • Scalable platform accommodates subscribers with just a few phones to large, enterprise-grade deployments.
  • “Engineered” solution configurable to provide the business telephone features unique to your company’s requirements.
  • Reliable, battle-tested voice quality leveraging ICON’s 30-plus year history in communications.
  • Choose a deskphone or go mobile using your smart phone.
  • Fully managed, bundled service reduces costs and staffing needs typically associated with phone systems.

Flexible Service Plans

Lines Outside lines are connected at the ICON data center and delivered to your office over a secure, encrypted VPN connection.

  • Flexible local / domestic long distance dial plans.
  • Competitive international rates.
  • Number porting service with large national inventory of local numbers.

Business Telephone Features ICONnect includes the features that are essential to most businesses at a price that is below what you would traditionally pay for office communications. 


ICON offers two models of IP telephone for use with ICONnect. These phones prioritize ease of use in enabling you to efficiently make and handle calls.

You can also integrate mobile phones into your office system.


Download UniVois U3S Datasheet

Download UniVois U6S Datasheet

Easy to Manage

With ICONnect a single vendor supports all communications, lines, phones and applications. This means your staff spends time on what’s important, not chasing down obscure communications system abnormalities.

  • Intuitive browser-based programming interface.
  • 100% of ongoing management and maintenance included as part of standard service.
  • Guaranteed reliability and built-in disaster recovery.

Engineered Solution

Unlike other hosted phone systems that are “tenanted” with several subscribers sharing the same infrastructure and operational limitations, ICONnect is hosted on a platform dedicated to you. This allows us to offer the features you require to effectively operate your business.  

Cloud comm advantages


Enable ICONnect Across Locations

  • Maintain a local presence at branch offices.
  • Secure VPN connection to each site.
  • Local dial plans and DID numbers.
  • Centralized directories and menus.
  • Inter-office calling and routing over private network eliminates line charges.

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