ICON Safe Campus Solutions

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Becoming aware as quickly as possible when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step towards preventing disaster, ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting the security of your district, campus or school. ICON will work with you to customize an advanced campus safety solution.



Many campuses are not prepared to respond to a disruptive event and do not have systems in place to automatically alert stakeholders of a situation in progress. Typically, inefficient manual processes are used to alert staff, students and parents. Using technology to automate your current processes and systems to operate as one cohesive, integrated system with centralized management, monitoring and alerting is a core foundational piece when building your campus safety strategy.

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Lock Down

Maintain a secure environment from outside threats by enabling hard or soft lock downs from devices including mobile phones, desk phones, PC, tablet, panic button and more. When a threat is detected, initiating a lock down,

  • Secure all doors and access areas.
  • Send discreet alerts to key personnel.
  • Use devices to acknowledge lock down are report status.
  • Automatically alert authorities.
  • Create voice or text message providing important details about the lockdown condition.


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Signals 9-1-1 Alert

Improve responsiveness to 911 calls with contextual alerts to mobile devices, desk phones and computers. 

The ICON Signals 9-1-1 Alert solution improves the way your internal staff is notified when someone dials 9-1-1 or another emergency access number. Critical information about the origination of the call, sent to the right people, can improve the likelihood of a positive outcome.


  • Send text alerts to key staff identifying the extension, room or building from where 911 was dialed.
  • Include a link to a map of the location with a text alert.
  • Send a broadcast voice or text announcement to mobile phones, desk phones, PCs and tablet with information about the 911 call. This information can also be broadcast over paging systems and loudspeakers.
  • Activate video cameras in the area and provide a live feed with the alert.


Alerting Options

IM Alert

Receive alerts on your favorite device – voice calls, text message and email. Play alert messages over paging systems and through telephone speakers. Trigger loud bells and other audible alarms. >>>READ MORE

Video Paging

Receive alert messages with link to live camera feed. Use enhanced mapping software to zoom in on cameras. >>>READ MORE

Environmental Monitoring

Becoming more aware of your environment and pro-actively managing security breaches helps minimize downtime that leads to lost production or worse. Perfect for businesses of all types and sizes.

  • Add door sensors and motion detectors to secured areas. Receive alerts when doors are opened or motion is detected.
  • Use wireless sensors to detect temperature, moisture, water, smoke, flame, etc. Receive alerts if monitored equipment fails, goes out of range, or is threatened by an environmental disruption.
  • Quick messaging can be used to notify any or all employees of general or emergency announcements on mobile devices, PA systems, PC screens, and digital wallboards.




Open Architecture

Most organizations have multiple monitoring and communications systems already in place. These systems include phone systems, access control systems, clock systems, alarm panels, etc. These systems typically operate independently. Leveraging an open architecture, ICON Signals integrates all of these systems into a centralized monitoring and alerting platform. When an event such as intrusion, weather event or fire alarm occurs, alerts are sent to multiple endpoints inclusive of mobile phones, text messages, audible alerts and more.