Trade-In Your Iwatsu System

Rebates for Iwatsu customers who upgrade to ICON’s fully managed VoIP communications system.



Trade Up to VoIP in the Cloud

Upgrade your Iwatsu system to ICON Cloud and earn a cash rebate for every new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phone purchased.

ICON Iwatsu Trade Up Promotion


Trade-In Used Iwatsu Phones for $$$

Trade-in  Iwatsu ICON-series IP Phones for additional cash rebates applied towards an ICON Cloud fully managed communications solution.

ICON Iwatsu Trade In Promotion

About ICON

ICON, formally Iwatsu America, Inc., developed and distributed the Iwatsu ADIX, ADIX-VS and Enterprise-CS systems in North America. We continue to stock and support the Iwatsu family of communications products. We can assist you by:

  • Putting you in contact with an authorized Iwatsu Reseller for continued maintenance for your Iwatsu system.
  • Expanding and interconnecting your Iwatsu system with a new fully-managed VoIP phone system from ICON.
  • Upgrade to an Alcatel-Lucent phone system now and receive a rebate.


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